Individual heat nodes of facilities. Individual heat node is one of the main component of the heating system of the facility. Essential prerequisites for safe heating system, comfortable temperature in facilities and smart end economic consumption of the thermal energy at the same time are qualitative installation, precise regulation and professional maintenance of a heating system.

Individual heat node operation

The modern individual heat node, ensures heating of the building’s premises, as well provides the preparation and circulation of hot water, using the thermal energy supplied by Liepājas enerģija.  The consumed thermal energy is counted by a verified counter.

The heat node operates automatically, providing thermal energy   for dwelling houses in accordance with the outdoor temperature and the indoor comfort temperature chosen by the inhabitants.

Proper regulation of the heat node ensures economical consumption of thermal energy. If the outside temperature decreases, consumption of thermal energy increases; in turn, if the temperature rises, the consumption of thermal energy decreases or thermal energy is not consumed at all. If the outdoor temperature varies by one degree, then consumption of thermal energy can decrease or increase accordingly by 5-6%.

Why the individual heat node should be modernized?

There are two types of heat nodes: one operates accordingly to a dependent scheme, the other is independent. In the case of a dependent heat node hot water from the common heat supply system of the city enters  the heating system of the building,   carries out heating of the building and returns back to the city’s heating networks; in turn, the independent heat node  is equipped with a heat exchanger, in this  case the heating system of the building only once is filled with a heat sink from the total heat supply system of the city, and the heat carrier (hot water) circulates all the time only in the heating system of the particular building, ensuring the heating of the premises.

Dependent heat nodes have minimal possibilities for regulation, they cause more heat loss in the heating networks and limit the regulation of hydraulic modes. Similarly, in the case of incident, leakage can lead to high losses and require a greater difference of the heat transfer pressure in the inlet of the building. . The old heat   nodes have relatively high operating costs and uneven distribution of heat. For these reasons, experts in the heat supply industry recommend the modernization of the heating nodes, switching to fully automated heating nodes.

Currently, in Liepāja, more than 85% of multi-apartment buildings are equipped with modern and fully automated heat nodes, as well as more than 70% of municipal, legal and private sector properties are with modern heat nodes. Independent heat nodes are also being built in all new objects of customers of Liepājas enerģija.

The modernized and fully automated heat node provides the following opportunities and benefits:

  • regulation  of the heating system, ensuring the indoor temperature chosen by the heat user  throughout the year, regardless of the season;
  • lower pressure in the building’s heating systems and higher safety during  operation;
  • reduces the heat carrier leakage in the case of incident   because the heat exchanger separates the circulating water of the heat supply system of the building and the external heating networks.
  • ease the deaeration of the heating system of buildings when the heating season starts;
  • ensures minimal maintenance costs.

If you would like to modernize the individual heat node of the building, please contact Customer Department of Liepājas enerģija by phone: 63488866.

Technical maintenance of individual heat node

Regular – at least once a year – technical maintenance of the individual heat node allows precise installation of the parameters so that the consumed thermal energy is only as high as it is required for each particular home, institution or company. The professional maintenance of a heat node ensures qualitative, efficient and long lasting operation of the heat node.

Liepājas enerģija as a heat supplier does not manage the operation, regulation and technical maintenance of the heat nodes of the heating systems in the customer’s buildings; it is done by the facility manager, the building manager or the chosen service provider.