Choose centralized heat supply and we will take care of the warmth and comfort of your dwelling house!

If you want to add your home, office or production premises to the   centralised heating system of Liepājas enerģija, please contact our specialists and we will consider heat supply options for any object in Liepāja city.

The possibility of connecting the building to a centralized heat supply system is considered at the application of the owner of the real estate or its authorized person. In order to assess the connection possibility of a building to a central heating system, the following steps must be taken:

  • The Technical Regulations that may be obtained by the owner of the real estate or its authorized person, must be submitted by the application to the Customer Service Department of Liepājas enerģija for the development of Technical Regulations for connecting the building to the centralised heating supply system. The application can also be sent electronically to the e-mail address:
  • According to the application the Technical Regulations are issued by specialists of Technical Department of Liepājas enerģija. The regulations will contain all the information necessary for the development of a construction project for the construction of heat networks in order to ensure the heat supply of the building.
  • Upon receiving the Technical Regulations developed by Liepājas enerģija, you must contact an authorized designer, agreeing on the development of a heat supply network and an individual heat node building.
  • The project has to be coordinated with the Technical Department of Liepājas enerģija, the relevant city authorities, building and land owners and the Construction Board of Liepāja city.
  • By concluding an agreement with Liepājas enerģija regarding the development of the heating network and the construction works of the individual heating node of the building, the Liepājas enerģija will construct the heating network till the entrance of the building within the prescribed time period and the client ensures the construction of the indoor heating system in the building.
  • Upon completion of the construction works, specialists of the Technical Department of Liepājas enerģija will accept the individual heating node of the building into the operation and install heat meters. The owner of the building or its authorized person concludes a service contract in the Customer Service Department and begins to use the service.

Application for request for Technical Regulations regarding the connection of the facility to the centralized heat supply system

Application for request for Technical Regulations for the reconstruction of the centralized heat supply system connected to the facility