The cost of heating and hot water for each building is made up of a thermal energy tariff that is equal to all citizens of Liepāja and the total consumption of thermal energy of the building, which in turn can be very different.

In Liepāja, the monthly heat energy consumption, according to the heat meter installed in each building, is calculated for the whole building in total – the heat supply company automatically reads the indicators on the amount of heat consumed, multiplies this amount with the thermal energy tariff and sends a monthly invoice to the housekeeper or facility manager. According to the calculation methodology adopted by each particular building, the facility manager is in charge of the further allocation of costs between the home apartments – the total amount of the total invoices for all apartments forms the same total amount as the heat supply company has calculated by multiplying the total thermal energy consumption of the building and the current tariff.

The amount of consumed thermal energy is influenced by several circumstances:

  • outdoor temperature;
  • the technical condition of the building (wooden, stone house, old, new house, roof and walls, basement, window and door materials and condition, performed insulation of the building or other energy efficiency measures);
  • Condition of the heating system of the building (old or new heating system, vertical or horizontal heating system, individual temperature regulators, etc.);
  • individual heating node  of the building (dependent or independent heating  node , regular and professional maintenance, correct adjustment);
  • individual habits of the inhabitants (selected air temperature in the apartment and common areas, temperature and consumption of the selected hot water, atmosphere ventilation habits, etc.).

Check out the video – showing what the thermal energy tariff is and how the heating fee is generated