Heating season was started in more than a half of the houses connected to the district heating system

By October 16 of the heating season, SIA “Liepājas enerģija” has started to supply heat to 60% of its client’s houses, including some of the city’s educational institutions. The individual heating units of the buildings provide the inhabitants of the houses with the opportunity to choose comfortable indoor temperatures according to weather conditions, and to consume heat only as much as is necessary at a particular moment.

Last week the heating season started at all Liepāja city’s kindergartens, some schools and more than a half of the residential houses managed by SIA “Liepājas namu apsaimniekotājs”. Overall, by October 16 heating season started in 593 city objects: 339 apartment houses, 87 private houses, 139 commercial objects and 28 educational institutions.

Egils Tauriņš, customer service manager of “Liepājas enerģija”: “We see that the number of customers who choose to start a heating season is increasing day by day. Our customers are choosing not to wait for the deadline to connect to the heating system, but use the possibilities offered by the domestic heating system – consuming less heat on warm days or not consuming any at all, but in cool weather, consuming more to provide a consistently pleasant air temperature in the home. This approach is definitely the best in balancing comfort and service costs.”

The decision to start the heating season is permanently in the hands of inhabitants themselves and- in order to activate the heating, it is necessary to turn to the owner of the house or the representative who is directly responsible for the supply of heat in the building. “Liepājas enerģija” reminds that for homes to be cosy and comfortable, as well as heat efficient, it is necessary to benefit from the advantages of individual heating units. By installing precise readings to the heat network, it will operate automatically and supply heat in accordance with customer comfort requirements and weather conditions. Suggestions about the start of heating season can be found here .

About “Liepājas enerģija” Ltd

“Liepājas enerģija” Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the production, distribution, transmission and distribution of heat in Liepāja, as well as in the production and distribution of electricity. The company serves almost 700 residential buildings, as well as schools, kindergartens, institutions and enterprises; The total length of the Liepāja district heating system network is 100 kilometres. The shareholders of Liepājas enerģija Ltd are JSC Latvenergo (51%), Liepāja City Council (39%) and Enerģijas risinājumi Ltd (10%); The company employs 84 employees.

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