Centralized heat supply is the main type of heat supply in the city of Liepāja, providing heat and comfort for almost 1000 buildings: 585 multi-apartment residential houses, 160 private houses, 140 commercial objects and 110 state and municipal objects.

There are two co-generation stations, a biomass boiler house and 12 autonomous boiler houses in Liepāja. In the largest power plant of Liepājas enerģija wood chips are used as fuel, providing the largest part of the city with green thermal energy. Together with the second largest heat source in which natural gas is used as a source of energy, heat sources cover the city’s territory from the Karosta Canal to the southwest district. In turn, the inhabitants of the distant urban areas receive thermal energy produced in autonomous boiler houses.

In Liepāja thermal energy is produced mainly from renewable and environmentally friendly energy resource -wood chips, thus leaving as little impact as possible from the production on the environment and providing work volumes to local forestry companies.

Watch a short film about the development of a green energy in Liepāja.