The autumn and the new heating season is approaching

Although the heat records were installed and overtaken all over Latvia in the last week, and this September is probably one of the warmest in Latvia’s history, however, the holidays and future weather forecasts show that the autumn has come and it reminds us of the upcoming heating season, for which (one) must be prepared in a timely manner.

In Liepāja, the heating season usually begins in the second half of October, but already some customers have started to use heat energy service. The individual heating units of buildings and precisely regulated displays allow home users to start using the heat energy service at any time convenient for themselves. In order to get warmer and more comfortable in cooler weather conditions, in the individual heating unit of the building, the heat supply must be adjusted so that the amount of heat consumed at a certain outdoor temperature (e.g. +12 degrees) would be minimal by providing the chosen indoor comfort temperature.  The heat pump automation system foresees that at a higher outdoor temperature (e.g., above + 12 degrees) the heating unit will shut off and heat will not be consumed, but at lower outdoor temperature, the heat consumption will increase to continue providing the indoor comfort of the comfort of the population.

Thinking about the moment when the heating of the building should begin, Liepājas enerģija Ltd invites to remember also a simple but important physical characteristic – if the heating of the building will be started at a time when the external walls of the house have not yet cooled down, the amount of heat consumed will be less than if the heating will start only when the building has cooled down and its heating will require a much higher amount of heat. The decision to start the heating season is unchanged from the point of view of the inhabitants themselves – in order to connect the heating, it is necessary to turn to the owner of his house or the representative who is directly responsible for the provision of heating in the building.

The company also invites residents and house managers to check the functioning of the building’s heating system and internal heating system before the start of the heating season and, if necessary, perform professional technical servicing. Also, energy efficiency measures implemented will benefit by reducing the amount of heat necessary for heating of the building. Suggestions to start a heating season can be found here.

In the summer months, Liepājas enerģija also carried out technical maintenance of production facilities and boiler houses, as well as reconstructed heat supply pipelines, in order to provide a stable and continuous supply of heating services to its customers during the heating season.  By the beginning of the new heating season, the company will have reconstructed about 5.5 km of heating network, thus modernizing high-quality pipelines will be upgraded to 97% of all the city’s heating networks.

About “Liepājas enerģija” Ltd

“Liepājas enerģija” Ltd. was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the production, distribution, transmission and distribution of heat in Liepāja, as well as in the production and distribution of electricity. The company serves almost 700 residential buildings, as well as schools, kindergartens, institutions and enterprises; The total length of the Liepāja district heating system network is 100 kilometres. The shareholders of Liepājas enerģija Ltd are JSC Latvenergo (51%), Liepāja City Council (39%) and Enerģijas risinājumi Ltd (10%); The company employs 84 employees.

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